Masterclasses and Home Catering

Cocktail Masterclasses and Home Catering by a professional

Firstly, Let us guide you through the wonderful world of mixology, as your very own dedicated bartender delivers iconic Cocktail Masterclasses. A 60 to 90-minute cocktail making class filled with games, goodies, premium spirits and party vibes. You’ll learn. You’ll party. And you’ll absolutely love it. We promise.

Here’s what to expect from the Cocktail masterclasses we book:

60 to 90 minute cocktail making session

Bookings for 4 – 20+ people

12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm booking slots available

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, slow-hour buffet and open bar available

A simple drink describes it!

Benefits of the class:

  1. You get to try a hands-on bartender job
  2. You get to meet new interesting people
  3. You get to taste local craft beer and wines
  4. You will learn how to work with a wider range of alcohol such as wine and mixer drinks

Lets talk Catering

Now, who says you still need to go to expensive restaurants when you can have a party at home? All we want is for you to have the same fun we had when we were in London, entertaining friends and family there. Here’s what you just have to do:

  1. Coming up with ideas of what you can do to have a party at home.
  2. decide on the event date, whether it is to be during the week or weekend.
  3. Pick a menu that you think is fitting for the occasion. You need to feel special and remember that this party is for you. Don’t pick a menu that makes you feel un-self-conscious.
  4. decide on the event theme. Try and keep it simple.
  5. Find your most reliable caterer. This is essential in running a safe and memorable party. Things cannot go wrong if you choose the right caterer.
  6. decide on the location of your event. Again, it is best to talk to a few caterers first. You can also ask the hosting party for recommendations.
  1. Find out what is included in the cost of your event. Most of these caterers offer reduced rates for bulk purchases.
  2. estimate the total number of guests for your event. This is always advisable to ensure that you have enough capacity to accommodate all the expected guests.
  3. what additional costs are involved after catering, therefore make a bare estimate of the whole event cost.
  4. the time and energy you will have to devote to the party, before you know it!

The advantages of hiring a professional caterer are:

Experience – You need to feel comfortable with the professionals, so don’t take risks. Experience and knowledge is an important attribute to lead your party successfully. So, feel free to do a little preparation for the party itself.  Qualified and professional caterers – Since you have trusted friends and family, you can be sure that the food and drinks will be delivered in time. Caterers that have been in the field for a long time are able to provide reliable, high quality, services. Realistic pricing – reasonable and accurate cost prices are easily obtained. It is always preferable to go for a professional and reliable company, which can assist you with all your needs related to catering for your event.

Fully understand terms and conditions – When you hire a catering company, you should always be clear on what are the terms and conditions of the deal. In particular, ask for clear terms and conditions of the deal.

Ready to work with you – before the last minute, it is always better to have a working meeting with the caterer, so that you can be sure about the current status of your deal. At the same time, you also want to be in constant communication with the caterer, so that you will always know when they are available to work with you on the deal.

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