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Step into the Wild West: An Immersive Moonshine Adventure Awaits
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Immersive Wild West Experience in Liverpool - Moonshine Saloon Adventure

Dive into a World of Intrigue, Adventure, and Clandestine Spirit at Moonshine Saloon

As You Step Through the Doors, You're No Longer a Mere Visitor

You're a resident of a bustling Wild West town, and blending in is key. Fear not, for our local tailors are at the ready, equipped with an array of period-appropriate attire to ensure you look the part. Whether you fancy yourself a gambler, a rogue, or an innocent townsperson, you'll be dressed to impress and evade the ever-watchful eye of the law.

Immerse Yourself in a Bygone Era

For those eager to fully immerse themselves in this bygone era, we encourage you to try on your best American accent and engage in various dice and card games with the other townsfolk. Just remember, keep your moonshine hidden; the Sheriff is always on the lookout for mischief and contraband. However, if you're more inclined to take a step back and soak in the atmosphere, there's plenty for you to enjoy as well. Relax with a selection of personalised cocktails or mocktails, each crafted to complement the unique and spirited environment of the Saloon.

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Address: 40 Seel Street, Liverpool, L1 4BE.

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