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Times available: 8pm - 10pm Saturdays

For nearly 20 years, Jaggers has been proudly showcasing the talents of the finest Stand-up Comedians, many of whom you've likely spotted on your TV screens. As the number one Comedy club in Bournemouth, they have been delivering laughter-filled Saturday nights at Canvas Nightclub.

Jaggers Comedy Club made its debut in Bournemouth in 2005, and ever since, it has grown from strength to strength, earning the reputation as the town's longest-running and most triumphant weekly comedy show. By attending our comedy nights, you're not just treating yourself to a great time but also supporting live entertainment in a vibrant and enjoyable setting.

Doors swing open at 7:00 pm, and friendly staff usher you to your seats – a prime opportunity to head to the bar and grab your favorite drinks. The real fun kicks off at 8pm when the lively MC takes the stage, setting the tone for an evening filled with laughter. They'll introduce the opening act, and before you know it, you'll be immersed in witty humor. A short break will give you time to catch your breath before the next talented comedian takes the spotlight. Another quick intermission, and then it's time for the experienced headliner to bring the house down. Throughout the show, we've got you covered with table service, so you can relax, enjoy the performance, and not miss a single punchline.

We offer digital confirmations of booking sent in advance, so be sure to grab yours early.

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