Fun Mystery Walking Tour of London

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Times available: 7 days a week from 12pm to 6pm
Duration: 3+ Hours
Distance: 4km Walk
Difficulty: Medium
Players: 1-2 per booklet

The Mystery Tour is a combination of puzzles, clues, word games and 4 historic pubs – a great way to discover London

The infamous streets of London’s West End are turned into a thrilling outdoor adventure in: 'The Mystery of Who Pushed Molly May'! Are you up to the challenge of solving the legendary London showbiz mystery?

You be transported to the Golden Age of 1920s London, discovering the real-life stories of its most notorious characters, all while attempting to solve the infamous mystery of Who Pushed Molly May…

The story states that on the 1st July in 1920, Molly May’s long awaited opening night ended in disaster after she broke her leg tripping on the theatre stairs and tumbling down in front of the waiting fans & paparazzo, however, she insisted that she had been pushed. Try to discover the identity of the mysterious actor who lurked behind this heinous deed.

Was Molly the victim of a sour love rival? Was she shoved by a jealous co-star? Or did she simply trip?
You’ll be solving a range of cryptic clues such as; word games, maths puzzles, & hidden objects, as you unearth the historic mystery & discover the real identity of the actor behind the crime!.. Oh, and you’ll visit 5 historic pubs along the way 😊

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