Fun Mystery Walking Tour of Bristol

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Times available: 7 days a week from 9.30am to 4.30pm
Duration: 3+ Hours
Distance: 3.5km Walk
Difficulty: Medium
Players: 1-2 per booklet

The Mystery Tour is a combination of puzzles, clues, word games and 4 historic pubs – a great way to discover Bristol

The ancient streets of Bristol will become a thrilling outdoor adventure, in The Mystery of the Sabotaged Balloon!

Your mission is to capture Bristol's most despicable saboteur…

The story goes that, on the 9th of May in 1812, Bristol’s most noteworthy merchants & businessmen assembled in Queen Square to witness the historic maiden flight of Archie Russell's 'Amazing Flying Machine' however, seconds after take-off it smashed into a large tree below! Scrambling from the wreckage, Archie discovered someone had messed with his balloon, cutting one of the steering ropes in a horrible act of sabotage. What reason could someone have to destroy Archie's life’s work?

Was it a grudge against him personally? Or perhaps it was one of his competitors trying to scupper the competition?

Use the Bristol Mystery Guide to explore the historic streets, unpick the story, and discover the shadowy saboteur behind this legendary unsolved mystery. You adventure will be challenging, including a range of cryptic clues such as; word games, maths puzzles & hidden objects. Immerse yourself in this fascinating story of adventure and discover the best of Bristol's fascinating history (and 5 great pubs along the way!) 😊

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