Craft Beer Brewing Experience (full day) includes free 5 litre Beer Keg

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Experience the Art of Beer Brewing at Brewhouse & Kitchen

🕙 Duration: 7 Hours (Starting at 10 am)
🎯 Perfect For: Singles, Couples, or Groups
🍽️ Includes: Breakfast, Lunch, Beer Tastings, 5L Mini Keg Each
🏠 Venue: Brewhouse & Kitchens accross the UK

Unleash Your Inner Brewmaster:

Have you ever dreamt of crafting your own beer? The All-Day Brewery Experience at Brewhouse & Kitchen is your chance to embark on a thrilling beer-brewing journey. This isn't your average day out; it's an immersive exploration of the world of beer and ale, guided by expert brewers.

🍻 What to Expect:

Hands-On Brewing: Get hands-on and involved in every step of the brewing process. It's like magic, but better – the real alchemy of beer making.
Knowledgeable Brewer: Learn from an award-winning brewer who will share the secrets and techniques behind crafting the perfect brew.
Delicious Meals: Begin your day with a delightful breakfast, including bacon rolls. Savor an array of the Brewhouse & Kitchen's finest pub classics during lunch.
Beer Tastings: Sample a variety of beers throughout the experience, enhancing your appreciation for the craft.
Microbrewery Magic: Brew right at the heart of the beautiful pub, not tucked away in some distant shed.

🍺 Take the Brewery Home:

As a memento of your brewing adventure, you'll receive a 5-litre Mini-Keg filled with your favorite Brewhouse & Kitchen beer to enjoy at home.

👫 Ideal for Couples and Groups:

Whether you're a couple seeking a unique bonding experience or part of a small or large group looking for a memorable day out, this hands-on brewery experience caters for all.

📅 Sample Day Itinerary:

10:00: Arrival and welcome by the Brewer with a hot drink
10:15: Briefing on the day, accompanied by Breakfast (Bacon Rolls)
10:30: Start the mash-in process
11:00: Dive into the chemical process discussion in the mash tun
11:30: Transfer, re-circulation, and sparging
12:30: Dig out the Mash Tun
13:25: Lunch & Beer Break
13:30: Commence the boil and add Hops
14:20: Further hop additions and kettle finings
14:30: Transfer to the fermenter
15:30: Wrap up and clean up
17:00: Receive your Brewing Certificate and enjoy a final beer (or two)

🍻 Bring Home Your Brew

If you want to savor your handcrafted beer beyond the brewery, arrangements can be made with the Brewer to purchase some of the beer you've brewed on the day.

Plus, each participant will receive a 5-litre Mini-Keg filled with their brewed beer to relish at home. Don't miss this opportunity to become a brewmaster for a day!

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