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The mission of Lets Book it

To ensure all of our customers enjoy the best deals, for the best events and experiences across the UK .

We started, humbly, working with a few nightclubs many years ago, ensuring large groups would be able to get into those Nightclubs, since then we have moved on to operate with hundreds of individual nightclubs and bars as well as an ever-growing list of event and experience providers.

Covering over808080+


Dishing out more than 80808080+


Some of what we have to offer

Fun experiences

Choose from hugely fun Experience’s

Party Nights & Adventurous Days

Daytime, Nighttime, Anytime

Amazing Deals

We offer amazing value deals all the time

Fast tracked booking

From Q-Jumping to VIP Guest Lists



Price is really important to us, we want to be as competitive as possible, for that reason we regularly promote initiatives to keep the price down, we offer occasional promotions. Such as buy one get one half price, and many other similar kinds of deals.For us it’s really about getting as many people out and about, enjoying themselves and trying new things as we possibly can.



Our many loyal customers have followed us for years, and booked their nights out or experiences with us, we are constantly growing and looking for new innovative entertainment experiences that we can deliver to our customers.

We specialise in arranging all your Activity, Experience & Nightlife needs!

It is


To provide the most fun experiences, and ensure our customers inside and ensure that they have a great time. Lets Book it, whatever it is.

Go ahead and

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We cater for all your event needs throughout the UK. From Q-Jumping to VIP Guest Lists, Cocktail Classes to Comedy Shows. Check out our Events throughout the UK.

Lets Book it

We are a hugely customer focused business who take enormous pride in the relationships we value so hugely with our industry partners.

Creating Memories that will last you a lifetime

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